"The Immortal Covenant"

by Elric Shaw

Is love powerful enough to conquer eternal duty?
An M/M Fantasy Romance
# Romance
# Fantasy
# Sword & Sorcery

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Ever since his rebirth as a Celestial, Sarilian has held fast to one creed: to protect Allaria from the relentless armies of the Void. However, when a harrowing battle goes awry, he finds salvation in the enigmatic Malorg, an Infernal who has long since given up. Drawn to Malorg by curiosity, compassion, and something deeper, Sarilian can’t help but wonder if there’s more to his new existence than duty alone. Malorg lost faith in the Covenant centuries ago. Why bother resisting the Void’s inevitable triumph when all efforts lead to loss? Bereft of faith, he’s spent years yearning for release from this eternal prison until a chance encounter with a naive Celestial rekindles parts of himself he’d thought forever buried. Hope no longer seems such a distant memory when he gazes into Sarilian’s bright eyes. Yet, the Immortal Realm offers no safe refuge for an Infernal and Celestial. Faced with the ever-looming threat of the Void and the ceaseless machinations of their respective kin, Sarilian and Malorg strive to nurture their nascent connection. Can they forge a new covenant of the heart that transcends the confines of mutual duty…or will they succumb to the myriad forces hell-bent on tearing them apart? The Immortal Covenant is a slow-burn, fade-to-black M/M fantasy romance featuring enemies-to-lovers, grumpy/sunshine, second chance, and a hard-fought HEA. Every book in Hearts of Allaria is standalone and can be read in any order. Perfect for fans of K. D. Edwards, Tavia Lark, and Ben Alderson.